Letting Go with Taize’

Coptic Icon in Jerusalem
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(…if only for a moment)

This Sunday evening, the opportunity and the time both became available for me to attend my first Taize’ service. For those unfamiliar with this form of worship, it is Christian worship with origins in Taize’, France. It does not seek to replace other denominational worship, but rather to offer an enhancement to prayer life of participants.  It is described as singing, silence, scripture, and prayer to “quiet the mind, open the heart and feed the soul.”

For me, I found this a great time to meditate and relax.  Given my  general make-up, I wish I had just completed some yoga asanas  to help prepare my body for being still.  The low light and the candles were beautiful,  The repeated hymns helped create focus for my thoughts though I could have used more than three repetitions to allow more time with the words.  The high winds rattling the roof and windows seemed to add to this Spirit stirred environment.

Sunday’s reading was from Jeremiah 1: 4-9.  From the recommendations for thought in the silence, the one which resonated with me was “surrendering fear”.  Being at the point of annual testing and an oncology appointment for thyroid cancer, seems to have the “what if” fears creeping into my thoughts.  As the meditation began, I allowed those fears to be front and center rather than on the edges of my thoughts.  Later in the worship, I was able to give them over for the remainder of the worship.

For good or bad, I did collect these concerns as I left. They still seem to require some of my thoughts and prayers.  Yet, I feel more comfortable with than I did prior to the service.  And, I became one who plans to reconnect with myself and God at another Taize’ service when the opportunity presents itself.