7 Link Challenge – Musical Gems Version


My friend, Michelle Erfurt put out a challenge on Music Therapy Tween for a 7 link challenge. This seemed like a simple challenge. The questions only apply to the dates of August 2010 – July 2011. So here we go!

  1. Your first post of August 2010:  Music Connections – Learning This was a part of a series. It was taken from presentations I had done.
  2. A post you enjoyed writing the most: Celebrate National Kazoo Day   Is there anything more fun than a kazoo?
  3. A post which had a great discussion: Finding Your Tempo Giusto   This was a book inspired post. I love sharing my thoughts on my reading.
  4. A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written Three ideas for Musical Breaks  I wish this was a post on this blog. Rachelle is great a capturing thoughts.
  5. Your most helpful post: Help with a child’s goal Is there anything that makes you happier than helping a child meet a goal? For me there isn’t much.
  6. A post with a title that you are proud of: What are Your Six Songs?   Having a couple other blogs follow with related posts made me proud. It is a way for me to feel like I am meeting my goal of getting people to explore different facets of life.
  7. A post that you wish more people had read My Music Therapy Aha! Moment I want people to know how work, degree, employment grow out of things that bring joy to life. This is my story.

Now, it is your turn! Share your 7 links my blogging friends.


Meaning in the Journey

My life has been an interesting journey filled with many places and people.  It has had its fill of blessings, sorrow, joys and challenges.  Along the way I have had many who provided guidance through their thoughts, actions and words. One of those people was John Gardner.  I came across one of his writings entitled  Meaning a few years back.  In it he speaks of “meaning being something you build into your life.”  My journey is just that – mine.  Mine to find the blessings even in the difficult times.  Following a difficult period, I frequently can see what it developed in me or a joy that it allowed into my life.

Often I find the blessing in various forms of love.  Here is a love song that speaks to the role of love in life’s journey:

Songs such as this one help me feel less alone in my emotions, my experiences.  Together with hands to physically hold mine from time to time, to ears that listen to my joys as well as sorrows & fears, I am eternally grateful.