People Can Surprise You

Mega Surprise
Mega Surprise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“…people can surprise you in the most unexpected ways.” is a line from an interesting article “How David O. Russell Made Me a Journalist” by @callieschweitzer.  For me the article lifts several important points.


  1. We never know if something that happens in our life is good or bad. Good things can come out of the things we first perceive as bad.
  2. Ask! If we don’t ask for help, for a response then we can’t expect something to happen. Asking is powerful.
  3. Each of us has the potential to impact the lives of others. Whether we are famous or not isn’t important. We make a difference in those whose lives we touch.


People can surprise us in good and bad ways. Be the positive in your own life and in the lives of others.