The Next Step

The Monument Steps
Image by Plbmak via Flickr


This week’s Human Business Works email from Chris Brogan challenged us to share how we plan to make this year different and take things to the next level.  Answering that question for Music Sparks isn’t much of an issue. I’ve done that. Answering that question for Musical Gems is an issue for me. What is my next step?

I have had lots of questions running through my mind:

  • Is having two blogs wise?
  • Is this blog serving a purpose other than my sharing personal thoughts? (In other words, my less business types of thoughts.)
  • What kind of content should this blog have?
  • What do people find interesting on this site that is not appropriate to my other site?

I need your assistance in answering an important question –  What do you want to find on this site?

Please, answer that question now in the comments below!