Aaah! Joys of a Bubble Bath

Anyone remember baths with Mr. Bubble? That was a childhood delight of mine – a bubble bath. While I don’t indulge in bubble baths as often these days, I still love them. Since January 8th is Bubble Bath Day I may just celebrate.

At this time of year (and living in a cold climate), taking a bubble bath requires warming the tub with some hot water before I fill it. Once the metal warms, I enjoy adding my favorite bubbles or essential oils to the water. Often I bring in music selecting to play what appeals to me (maybe relaxing, maybe playful). Then, get in the water and enjoy. Often I take a few minutes to read while I enjoy the music, the aromas from the water, and the warmth. Sometimes I add a little more warm water to extend my enjoyment before drying off with a fluffy towel.

Want a few bubbly songs to get you in the mood? Try these:

I’m off to enjoy a bubble bath….Until my next post, I wish you a bubbly time!