Image by Matthew Bietz via Flickr

It’s National Fruitcake Day! Yip, the edible treat from the holiday season, the butt of many jokes. Most people describe these cakes as not normal, strange, distasteful. You have likely heard about the 70-year-old fruitcake being auctioned.

People often apply the term “fruitcake” to those who distasteful, objectionable, not normal. I wonder if we are fairly judging those to whom we assign this term. Are we judging their clothing, lifestyle, uniqueness or are we picking up on a need for treatment? Why do we use this term.

While I am not a big eater of fruitcake, I like being a little fruity! I love laughter and silliness. There might be people who call me a fruitcake because of my unique qualities, I desire to greet those who I pass on the street, my desire to share good times with family and friends.

Maybe being a little fruity isn’t so bad. Maybe being unique is positive. On this fruitcake day, I invite you to embrace your uniqueness, your smile, your laughter.