10 Steps to Giving Time

Christmas gifts.
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There are many people out buying gifts these day. People are wrapping gifts. People (at least children) are asking for gifts. Some people are saddened to have little expendable income for gifts. Why not give the gift of yourself and your time?

Before you say you can’t wrap time and place it under the tree, hear me out. I have a way you can wrap it.

  1. Think of things the person receiving the gift enjoys. Examples might be having a cup of coffee, eating ice cream, walking, playing cards, bird watching, …you get the idea. Write those items down. Chances are several are things that cost little or no money.
  2. Think of things you can do for that person. For example, you can read to a young child or play their favorite game with them. For an older person, it could be running an errand, helping with a chore. Write these items down.
  3. Think of things they currently do that you could join in. Watching a game, attending a concert, play on a playground. Write those down.
  4. Figure out a time line – Whether it is one week, once a month, over a couple of weeks, it doesn’t matter. Find dates you can be available to them. You may need to look at times you are available, too.
  5. Create a calendar with the dates and times. You can keep it simple of decorate it.
  6. Neatly write out some select items from your lists you are willing to share with that person. Place each item in an envelope, small box, or fold the paper and wrap it with a ribbon.
  7. Place the calendar and the items together in  a box.
  8. Write a note explaining you are giving them yourself, your time as a gift. Inform them of scheduling the items found in the box.
  9. Place the note in the box. Close the box and wrap it.
  10. When they open the gift, take the time to allow them to schedule then record the events in your calendar.

I would love to hear how this gift works for you. Please share your experiences in the comments below.


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