Stay home if you’re well!

the amber glow of november's end (hbw 1)
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We all know the importance of staying home when you are ill. November 30th is Stay Home When You’re Well Day. Before I have a world full of bosses sending angry responses because everyone is calling off work, let me make it clear –

“I am not recommending  call in sick on November 30th and take a mental health day.”

Instead, I encourage you to do two things:

  1. Create a list of simple pleasures that bring you joy but maybe you don’t often include in your schedule. My items would include going out for a cup of great coffee, strolling through a beautiful garden, painting toenails with my daughter, reading a comedy. Get the idea – things that may not take much money.
  2. Schedule time in your calendar to do one of these items in the next week. 
    Just like a doctor’s appointment, honor that time – even if it is only 30 minutes.

Then, share what you did & how it made you feel in the comments below!


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