Wading into joy

Over the last couple months, I have been wading through the junk. In my last post I showed the progress with my desk. Today’s post will show the progress in my storage area.

Here’s what it looks like entering the area.

Next to that I have moved the file cabinets and surrounded them with a new shelf. There is a narrow shelf for my display board. Above that is a shelf for bags packed in preparation for sessions. It is so helpful to have an area to load & unload my bags in the area of my supplies. It keeps them from living in the middle of our music room floor. On top are containers of stuffed animals & puppets, scarves, feathers and craft items.

Next to that is the existing shelf  with my large drums live on the top shelf. My existing organizers have music books and some of my church music supplies. An empty coffee container holds my drum mallets. I have a container with my bean bags. Homemade board games (not visible in the photo) are in a container at the back. In the plastic file are various games I used – my created game I’ll share on a future post, cards for motions, & lots more! A basket holds tambourines with my omnichord and chimebars stored next to them. On the bottom shelf is a file of choral music and basket of materials yet to file. And, there are a few more other items on the floor in front of that that have the same need.

In the corner is my coat tree with empty bags, and drum bags hanging. My empty wheeled suitcase is stored there, too. Not visible is a container of folding music stands I use from time to time.

 At the end of the space is a new shelf  The basket at the top holds my paper plates for movement activities. The notebooks are ones I use to hold session materials The shelves hold much of my music collection. Now they are at eye level and easy to access. There is even space for future purchases. The plastic containers hold my egg head shakers, rhythm sticks, stickers, and other small manipulatives. My children’s books and public domain hymn books sit on the next shelf. At the bottom are my boom box and speakers for my iPod.

The fabric covers storage of home goods. A few old instruments are on top. That leaves my childhood dresser.  The blue tub is one I often use to carry materials to some groups or as an object of lots imaginary play. I can easily move the tub and use the top as a work surface. A container holds pens and paperclips. Two drawers hold personal items while the others hold instruments for safe keeping.  Next to the dresser is a trashcan holding my boomwhacker collections.

The rag rug warms up the space. I have a folding chair I can pull out for sitting to work.

So there you have it! my mostly reorganized space. It is such a joy to now enter & work in this space. One of these days I hope to add a wall behind the chest of drawers so I can hang items. Next wading post will deal with my file progress.