Are you a dreamer?

Imagine - John Lennon's Memorial
Image by dimic- via Flickr

Today John Lennon would have turned 71. One of his songs that stands out is my memory is “Imagine“. In it speaks of being a dreamer. Of what do you dream?

I dream of:

  • slow walks on the beach
  • days filled with laughter & sharing with family and friends
  • listening to stirring music performances
  • health
  • wholeness

When I look at this list, I am amazed it all currently exists in my life. For that I am grateful. I also have dreams for the world, many of which Lennon shared in the song: peace, no hunger, freedom.

As you listen to “Imagine”, please take a moment to dream of what it is you want in your future. Then share it in the comments below or in your blog. ]

Happy dreaming!


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