What makes you smile like nothing else can?

Persian Smile
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National Smile Day is October 7th. At Music Sparks I am sharing a post of smile songs. Which begs the question: “What makes you smile like nothing else can? Here’s my top 10 list:

  • A walk on the beach at sunset on a beautiful summer evening with my husband and daughter.
  • A warm cup of fresh coffee on a cold morning.
  • Cuddling by the fireplace with my hubby and a glass of wine on a fall evening.
  • Being with my Dad and siblings as we tell stories and share laughs.
  • Watching my husband conduct – especially one of his compositions.
  • Watching my daughter perform well in an ensemble or alone as an instrumentalist or a vocalist.
  • Spending time in my garden and seeing the fruits of my labor.
  • Making music with family & friends.
  • Being part of a moving worship experience.
  • A baby – human or animal.

What makes YOU smile like nothing else can? Share it in the comments below.


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