Still wading through the junk

Awhile back I posted on my plans to dejunk and reorganizing. I am still working on this project. But progress is happening.  The biggest change so far is cleaning my desk off each day.  Even if that means setting the papers on top aside into a to-do file, I find it makes for a totally different approach to how my day begins.

The bound calendar is gone. I have had several challenges in the transition such as google calendar and iCal not playing together even with purchased apps. I ended up with everything disappearing. But, now Google is working & I can access it. I have printed out the weekly flow and the monthly overview. Lucky Google plays nice with my android phone, so I am feeling more comfortable.

I now have three baskets on my bookshelf: one of materials to read, for children’s programs, and one for older adult programming. I work much better with open baskets than closed files. And, being able to grab a basket and go spread out materials is an added plus.

My storage area is still not far along. One large container of clothing has been taken to a battered women’s clothing closet. We did a major “take it” event. (Think garage sale without the pricing and monitoring.)  We were left with one car load and item for our alley clean-up. This will create space for me to work on work storage.

Stay tuned for the next update!


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