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My church has started a new ministry called Crosswalk. It is creative, fun, and challenging. We are currently spending four weeks on the topic “How do I see myself?” Last night we dealt with “how we see ourselves through our own eyes, through the eyes of others & even through God’s eyes.” We took time to look in a mirror & answer  for ourselves what we think others see? We wrestled with what we see and our true emotions.

Views of oneself seemed to be a recurring theme for me this week. I read a post about research on reverse facial image and preferences. Unfortunately, I didn’t bookmark the post so I am unable to locate it to share. I did find a PDF from a 1977 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology titled “Reversed Facial Images and the Mere-Exposure Hypothesis”.  Interesting thought that we prefer our own face as a reversed image but a friends face as a “normal” image. In other words, we prefer photos of ourselves as we view ourselves in a mirror.

As a music therapist, I know and use many songs that deal with emotions and some that deal with mirrors. We spent a fair amount of time last night discussing the appropriate expression of emotions. We spent most of our focus on verbal expression and behavior. Personally, I find there are many more ways to express and to explore our emotions among them physical movement, various visual art mediums, and music. Music is my preferred medium.

This following song was shared during last  night’s service. It seemed to  resonated with several people in attendance.What emotions do you hear in the lyrics?

As you look in the mirror and within yourself, treat yourself with the love and respect you treat others.


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  1. Thanks for sharing that, JoAnn. You are one of my music therapist blogging heroes. May my new blog be as inspiring as yours!! 🙂
    God bless you for who you are!

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