When the Storms of Life are Raging

Storm Approaching Paradise - Coral Island, Phu...
Image by Captain Kimo - Catching Up! via Flickr

We all face challenges,those stormy periods in life. They can make us feel weak and alone. Having someone there to help you along the way can make the storm period less ominous. Sometimes we find that in others who have faced similar challenges. An example of this can be support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Cancer Support Groups. Sometimes we find strength in our faith and faith community. Sometimes we find comfort in words, music, or art. It may be experiencing that creation made by others or making our own creation.

Elvis Week week will soon be here. Elvis Presley reportedly faced some storms in his life. It seemed appropriate to share this video of “Stand By Me” that speaks of having something, someone with you during the stormy, difficult periods of life.

May you find someone to stand with in the storms of your life.


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