Wading through a Jungle of Junk

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Part of creating Musical Gems, was my desire to share other aspects of my life that aren’t as wrapped in my business life. I know we are all like precious gems with different qualities and flaws. I know there are many aspects to our lives, just like well cut stones. Having shared my thyroid cancer journey, I thought it was time to take you on another journey of mine: office organization.

Papers, books, instruments, props, files are big issues for me. I have tried various methods over the years and can say without a doubt, my biggest issue is filing. I’ve read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and “order from Chaos” by Liz Davenport. I need to get the filing done and make order from my chaos. Making myself find the time has been an issue.

Q: So why do I share this issue with you?

A: So I have encouragement and a feeling of obligation to someone with whom I don’t reside.

Q: What am I planning?

A: To finalize a system and stick with it for a year.

What I already know:

  • I tend to be a piler not a filer. So I need to pile during the day & file at a set time each day. I need to make it a “no excuse” habit.
  • I do better when things are clean and organized but when I am in creative process I need my piles of resources out physically around me. So, I have to find my balance.
  • I tend towards an “I might need that someday” attitude but have become much better at letting things go. As calendars are cyclical, I have to look at annual use not just monthly and daily use in making decisions on what to keep and toss.
  • As I age, I am learning more is good only to a point. And, as my business/professional life has become more defined I am able to have less need for diversity.
  • Currently, our office is in a bedroom which means some of my files are there and some are in my business corner elsewhere in the house. Because of how we chose to live in and use the space in our home all the papers and books won’t and can’t come to one room. So, I need to create a system that works for me and my family. The instruments and props will need to continue living outside the office.

So here’s the deal, I have a lot I want to get done this month. Over the next couple week, I’ll post my trials and triumphs. I ask you to post only supportive comments back to me. In return, I will honestly share my process with you.


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