Happy 1st Birthday!

This is the gift table that my sister made.
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Musical Gems is a year old.  It is amazing what has happened with this site in the last year.  This is my 70th posts.  The ones receiving the top six post views are as of this writing (from most read to least):

  1. What are your 6 songs?
  2. Sharing Your Story (This was the 1st post I had by a guest.)
  3. Reflections on Music Therapy Conference
  4. Celebrate National Kazoo Day
  5. A Little About You, A Little About Me
  6. Continuing My Journey

I am so thankful for all who read my posts and share their thoughts here. You are helping me grow. Musical Gems can also be found one Facebook.I am so thankful for the over 40 followers there.

So where will the next year lead? I’m not sure. Yet I think many things will unfold as the year progresses.

To celebrate this year, Musical Gems has started releasing a monthly newsletter. You are welcome to receive FACETS, too, by signing up for the newsletter.


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