Faces of Judas and John

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Finding things to challenge my thinking has never been difficult as I enjoy reading and I grew up in a family that asked lots of questions. One author I have found very thought-provoking over the years is C. S. Lewis. One of friends on Twitter shared this thought:


This blog is about exploring the facets of life. This quote has taken me on a facet exploration I generally experience most during Lent. Yet, I know everyday there is need for self review. I have journeyed into viewing myself as a mixture of the two. So for me it becomes a question of the mix – what percentage of the time am I like Judas and am I look John? When I am about being positive with others I sense a greater percentage of John. When I am negative in my perspective  sense Judas.

As I write this post I sense I am  80% John and a 20% Judas in my day. What is your mix today?