Run Away!

jogger im Gegenlicht
Image by quapan via Flickr

June 2nd is National Running Day. A great excuse to go for a run! Knee issues no longer allow me to jog, but I love to walk. Need a reason to take up running or walking?  Here are just a few of my personal reasons:

  • It is an affordable form of exercise for many.
  • Exercise releases endorphins.
  • Exercise can assist people with relaxation and sleep.

So, no excuses – get out & move!

A way to pace your run/walk is to listen to music. Rachelle Norman of Soundscape Music Therapy shared a great site for creating potential playlist for this purpose: Jog FM. Not only does it allow you to sort by music genre, it helps you map routes and figure the distance. I give this tool a thumbs up!

All this thinking about running and music has this song running through my head:


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  1. Thanks for the mention, JoAnn! That site is such a great find, isn’t it?

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