What Are Your Six Songs?

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Currently, I am reading “The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature” by Daniel J. Levitin which has me thinking about songs in my life. Specifically, the question: If I had to summarize my life in six songs, what would those songs be? While the question has little to do with the book, it is still interesting to me. So here is my list:

  1. Everything is Music by Kris Delmhorst: My life has been filled with music. I translate so much into music. Music has opened so many doors in my life.
  2. When I Grow too Old to Dream: For me this song has to do with the love I feel for my family & the memories we share.
  3. Children of the Heavenly Father: This is a hymn my family uses at baptisms, funerals, family gatherings. It is a reminder of my faith.
  4. Carry On My Wayward Son: Music from my teen years. It energizes me. Plus, there is that Kansas tie…
  5. The Messiah: Yes, it is more than a song. Yet, I grew up hearing this music. Classical music is important to me. And various selections speak to me at different times. The vocal & instrumental aspects also reflect the two parts of my musical expression.
  6. Second Story Window: This is a song from my days in Girl Scouts. It reflects my enjoyment of children and silliness. Plus, we used to do the song as team challenges – who could remember the most nursery rhymes.

How would you summarize your life in six songs? I invite you to share your list.