Life Applications of Slowness

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This is the last of my posts reviewing “In Praise of Slowness“.  This final post will highlight some of the life applications from the book.  While the list itself is rather long, I have selected six areas to highlight – food, driving, cities, medical, children, and multitasking. Now that I am only presenting highlighted impressions as many pages were devoted to each of these topics.

Food: The French gastronome Anthelme Brillat-Savarin said,

 “The destiny of nations depends upon the manner in which they feed themselves.”

In general, the book promotes cooking at home, as much as one can from scratch. It also promotes sharing a meal with others while savoring the tastes and smells, the conversation, and the moment.  I found it fascinating the word  “companion” is from latin words meaning “with bread”.

Driving – So much is highlighted from the safety of slower speeds, increased gas saving, and insights into how few minutes you save for increased speed.

Cities – The book discusses many issues such as walkability, pedestrian friendly, ease of access to necessities, and housing. I encourage you to visit Slow Homes and  The Restless Urbanist to learn more about these concepts.

Medicine  – While some feel it takes too long to get in to see a doctor, that is not what this portion of the book highlights. Rather it is concepts of relationship, gathering of background information, treatment of the whole person rather than a diagnosis, and the role of alternative/holistic treatment. Things such as meditation are discussed.

Children – Research and information on various educational systems are presented. The overarching concept is allowing space for  children to explore and to learn subjects at their own pace.

Multitasking – How one can increase effectiveness by not multitasking is presented. It seems as though multitasking doesn’t allow you to accomplish more at least not at a high quality.

I hope my thoughts on this book have invited you to ask questions of your own pace. Please share your thoughts on this book. I’d love to hear what jumped out for you.


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