Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

Day 59, Project 365 - 12.18.09
Image by William Brawley via Flickr

Allergies can be serious and life threading. I’m blessed with only a drippy nose during those high pollen times of the year (and when the Kansas winds whip up the dust). My mother said my nose dripped since I was a few days old. After a lifetime of dealing with allergies, here’s how I chose to handle them.

  1. I use my Netty pot most evenings to rinse away the pollen and other irritants of the day.
  2. I try to limit my time outside during high allergy periods. As I like to garden, that means waiting until late morning or early evening to do a lot of yard work. When the cotton is falling off the cottonwood trees (somethings that makes me go from a drippy nose to a constant runny nose), I try to limit my time outside.
  3. We keep the house closed and air conditioning on during high pollen periods. While we may pay a little more to the power company, I miss fewer days of work from being hoarse and seem to have a decrease in the frequency of my sinus infections.
  4. I work with my physician to come up with the best combination of medications for me. As singing and speaking are part of my work, it means be conscious of potential negative issues the medications might have for vocal health. We’ve developed something that works and I can stop or increase within the ranges we have set.
  5. This week, I added magnets on my ears to my arsenal. It is too early to know if these will limit my need for medications. But, I felt it was worth a try.
  6. I try to stay healthy: sleep, eat a balanced diet high in anti-inflammatory foods, drink lots of fluids. During periods of singing and speaking, I sip lots of water to limit the drip irritation to my throat.

How do you deal with seasonal allergies?