Why 2 Musicians Enjoy Visual Arts

My husband and I have a great appreciation for the visual arts.  One of our favorite living artist is Gudrun Newman.  Her works seem to speak to us.  The photo is of one of her paintings we are blessed to own.

Why are two musicians interested in the visual arts? In general it boils down to appreciation and inspiration.

We appreciate the many mediums, techniques, and approaches.  We are amazed by the thickness of paint on a canvas, the everyday items included in a mixed media piece, how the ordinary can become special. The variety is amazing.  Trying to assess how & why something attracts or dispels us in also part of the allure.

It inspires us to create music, visual art, flower arrangements, gardens, to use color in our life. Some art challenges us. We may find the subject matter less than appealing. Sometimes we just don’t like something. By putting it into words, it helps heighten out awareness and understanding.

In short, we enjoy a lot of visual art for the same reasons we enjoy music. It is a way of expressing and sharing.


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