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During the last year I have been exploring and using the web more.  One of my newer web experiences is Twitter.  I am finding it a great way to connect with people throughout the world.  They link me to some amazing articles, research, and music.  If you wish to follow me on twitter, I am @JordanEM.

Whether you follow me or not, if you have an interest in music, I recommend following the hashtag #askthemusician.  This forum has had some amazing twitter interviews.  They are currently looking for their next interview group.  Given all the recent press on music therapy, I thought it might be helpful to recommend doing #askthemusictherapist.  It would give people an opportunity to ask questions about some of the press.  It could also allow people to share their experiences with music therapy.

So, if you would like that idea and if you tweet, place your vote here.  Select other and you can add your vote to my comment: #askthemusictherapist.!/askthemusicians/statuses/47686532617867265


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