Lenten Journey

Love. Journey. Road.

March 9, 2011 marks the beginning of a new Lenten season for many Christians.  In a strange way, I have always appreciated the reflective nature of this season while loving the joyous nature of the Easter season even as a child.  As we enter the Lenten season, I travel in a different way this year than last.  This year the cocoon giving way to the butterfly has even stronger meaning for me.

  • Last year I faced surgery & learned I had thyroid cancer.  This year I am a survivor awaiting annual testing.
  • Last year at this time I was placing my business on hold while this year I am focused on business development.
  • A year ago I knew I loved my family yet this year I love, trust, and rely on them even more.
  • A year ago, I had lost touch with many from my high school years.  This year I have reconnected with many of them finding a new appreciation for the insights they have on the world.
  • Last year I felt at odds for connecting the many sides of my life into my faith expression.  This year I see with new eyes how it can and does connect for me.  And, I appreciate my connection with God for being that: mine.  I also appreciate the need for witnessing in all that I do by being as constant and true to myself and God as I am able.
  • Last year I felt separated from other music therapist by the miles of road.  This year I am rejuvenated  by many music therapist through phone calls, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogging.  And, there seems to be more press for the profession through coverage of Gabby Gifford’s recovery, release of the movie “The Music Never Stops”, and Jodi Picoult‘s newest book, “Sing You Home”, having a music therapist.
  • Last year I felt dark and alone in my journey.  This year, I sense others along the road and on intersecting paths finding the importance in sharing laughs, smiles, and hugs.

While to some, these  issues may seem disjointed, I see and sense them as connected through my life experiences.  I realize the last year has been one of cute stone of my life into a gem that still has polishing (and chipping) to experience.  It reminds me of anthem lyrics I sang in my youth but whose writer, I cannot recall.  This is the guide into my Lenten journey this year:

King’s Highway

I know not where the road will lead
I follow day by day,
Or where it ends: I only know
I walk the King’s highway.

I know not if the way is long,
And no one else can say;
But rough or smooth, up hill or down,
I walk the King’s highway.

And some I love have reached the end,
But some with me may stay,
Their faith and hope still guiding me:
I walk the King’s highway.

The way is truth, the way is love,
For light and strength I pray,
And through the years of life, to God,
I walk the King’s highway.

The countless hosts lead on before,
I must not fear nor stray;
With them, the pilgrims of the faith,
I walk the King’s highway.

Through light and dark the road leads on
Till dawns the endless day,
When I shall know why in this life
I walk the King’s highway.


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