I have a question

Question mark made of puzzle pieces
Image by Horia Varlan via Flickr

What kind of questions have you asked today? Hang around a child and you will hear a litany of questions. “Why?  How come?  Are we there yet? When?”

No, the topic for this blog didn’t come from me spending time around a child.  For some reason, a particular question song popped into my head today: “How Deep is the Ocean?” .  It came to me after a week filled with my asking a lot of personal and professional questions of myself.

There are different types of questions.  There are closed questions that have a set answer like “What is 2 + 2?”.  And, there are open questions, with no set answer  such as “Which came first the chicken or the egg?”.  Researching the area of questions results as many ways to classify questions as there are people.

Asking questions isn’t innately good or bad.  It is the why of our asking and what we do with them that is important for me.  If I ask a question to spur my creativity, that can be good.  If I don’t then act on it, asking the question served no purpose.  To make an inquiry because I want to know something can only help me to learn if I search for the answer.  Yes, there are come questions like many in the song “How Deep is the Ocean?” that have no simple answer, yet theses questions can still serve a purpose.  They can open us to exploration.  They allow us to see into ourselves.  They can raise other questions.

Often my questions serve a purpose and surround my work as a music therapist. –   What music would best elicit a desired response from a group, what instruments should I utilize, is there sufficient material for the allotted time. My questions of myself often spur learning or involve self exploration. – Why are so many people interested in that book?  How can I spend less time looking for things?

I imagine I will keep asking questions of myself and others as long as I have breath including “How deep is the ocean?”.

So, what kind of questions do you have today?