My Music Therapy Aha! Moment

Aha moment
Image by Pictoscribe via Flickr

A recent blogging recommendation was to speak on an  Aha! moment sharing what sparked it. With the January push for Music Therapy advocacy, I thought it timely for sharing my road to a career in music therapy.

Music has been a big part of my life.  My parents reported me singing almost before speaking.  I spent many hours swinging while singing as a young child.  As I grew, I started singing in choirs, taking piano lessons, playing flute in the band, teach myself guitar.

I was never sure what I wanted for a career.  Working with music & people were strong desires.  Careers of social work or teaching music didn’t quite fit the bill. One Sunday while I was a junior in high school  there was an article in The Wichita Eagle-Beacon about a music therapist at St. Francis Hospital.  Upon reading  the article, I knew what I wanted to study in college – Music Therapy!  That was my “Aha moment”.  Whenever my coursework seemed difficult, I would revisit that moment in my mind.  It helped (along with wonderful friends and faculty) keep me focused on my goal.

Hang on to your Aha moments.  Who knows where they will lead you.