Continuing My Journey

Purple Butterfly
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This will be my first Christmas since receiving the diagnosis of thyroid cancer.  A purple butterfly has been placed on my tree as a reminder of my battle and my hopes for the future.  While to some it might seem morbid to do so, for me it is a sign to move forward with living and appreciating the gift of life.

A cancer diagnosis has encouraged me to make many positive steps:

  • I eat a more healthy diet.  There’s less sugar but more enjoyment when I do have a sweet treat.
  • I am more appreciate of the love & support of those around me – especially my family.
  • I take better care of myself.  Exercise has become an even greater release for me.  I have slowly gotten back into yoga which I love!  I am more apt to go to bed when I’m tired rather than waiting for the family to go to bed.  There’s time made for myself.
  • I live more in the moment.  Time is spent enjoying a sunrise or sunset.  I spend time appreciating my garden not just working in it.  Stuff is not as valuable.  People are valued.  I have started taking some lessons again to continue to grow my skills while reconnecting with that part of myself – the music maker.I have a greater trust in God.  My faith is still developing though I have always had this basis in my life.

So, I leave you with a song that has great meaning to me this season and many days of the year:


4 Replies to “Continuing My Journey”

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, JoAnn. May love completely surround you and your family this holiday season, through and through. ❤ Thinking of you ~

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I happened to be searching on google and put into Thyroid Cancer Butterfly for the fun of it and this post came up. I have been a Thyroid Cancer Survivor for 20 months! It has been a journey, one that I would never wish on my worst enemy, but the idea of a purple butterfly on your tree is beautiful! I surround myself with butterflies everyday to remind me of the trials and tribulations I went through and what got me to wear I am now. Congratulations on being a survivor! Thanks again

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. I have greatly benefited from the THYCA board conversations as well as the love & support of my family. Being your own advocate is so important in this journey. I look forward to continued contact with you and others on this journey. Together, we can inform people about thyroid cancer & advocating for healthcare needs.

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