Date Night

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Dating isn’t just for new relationships.  I believe it is helpful for people in long-term relationships and for developing relationships with children and other family members.

A weekly date night has helped our marriage of over the 25+ years.  It has become almost sacred time to us.  Usually it involves my husband cooking for me a recipe of his choosing.  Often it is a meal eaten by candle light while sharing a bottle of wine.  It is a chance for us to talk  about us or whatever is on our minds.  We have special playlists for the cooking and the meal time.  Our daughter has her own special meal and a movie on most of our date nights.

Don’t think that our daughter is forgotten!  When she was preschool age and periodically since then, she has had her own date night with dad.  Initially it was a visit to her favorite fast food restaurant on a night I was working.  Now, it is a special time for the two of them.  I will at times take my daughter on special events, too, though ours might be getting a manicure together.

Whether there is a special someone in your life or not, consider having  a date night.  Yes, you can have one with yourself.  You deserve to treat yourself.  Families can have a special meals by candle light.   I have strong memories of candle light meals as a child eaten in the dining room rather than at the kitchen table.

So, make a meal an event for all your senses!  Enjoy good food, atmosphere, and company.


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