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I often recommend trading iPods & listening to others playlists.During the last couple months, I have found a few new selections I have uploaded onto my iPod.  As sharing my iPod is a little difficult with an online community, I thought I would share some of my purchases over the last couple months.

  • “Terra Di Siena – 26 String Kora, Hammer Dulcimer” ~ Music for Deep Relaxation
  • “Se Me Hizo Facil” ~ Buika
  • “Sombras” ~ Buika
  • “In the Silence” – Jack Fowler
  • “Keep Me In Mind” – Zac Brown Band
  • “Bach’s Persia”  David Darling
  • “Touch of Grace” ~ Sudhir Johnathan Foust
  • “In the Moment” ~ Mark Kelso
  • “Soothing Sanctuary, Pt 1 & 2 ~ David & Steven Gordon
  • Elements Series: Earth” ~ Peter Kater
  • “Three Worlds” ~ John de Kadt

Please share your new music finds.  Together we’ll create a fabulous playlist!


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