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“The moon belongs to everyone, the best things in life are free…”  (lyrics by Buddy De Sylva and Lew Brown)

These lyrics make a profound statement.  Simple things can bring us joy.  Many of them cost little or nothing.  A wonderful resource for simple pleasures is “Simple Pleasures of the Home” by Susannah Seton.  (You may locate a copy of this book under “Fun Stuff to Buy” at the bottom of this page.) When I need a new idea to add to my repertoire, I often flip the pages of this book.   Here are a few of my winter  favorites:

  • Eating dinner by candle light.  (we also breakfast by candlelight on December 13th.)
  • Baking cookies with the family.
  • Making & eating smores.
  • Lighting a fire in the fireplace.
  • Playing in the snow with the dogs and my daughter.
  • Curling up with a blanket and cup of hot tea while reading a book.
  • Singing with friends or family.
  • Playing holiday music while decorating.

Pleasurable moments can help relieve stress.   So taking a little time with small pleasures can be important to your health.  You will notice there is a mixture of alone and group items on my pleasure list.  Fun with family & friends helps build relationships and builds on positive memories.

So why not bring some simple pleasure (and maybe some music) to your life?


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