Meaning in the Journey

My life has been an interesting journey filled with many places and people.  It has had its fill of blessings, sorrow, joys and challenges.  Along the way I have had many who provided guidance through their thoughts, actions and words. One of those people was John Gardner.  I came across one of his writings entitled  Meaning a few years back.  In it he speaks of “meaning being something you build into your life.”  My journey is just that – mine.  Mine to find the blessings even in the difficult times.  Following a difficult period, I frequently can see what it developed in me or a joy that it allowed into my life.

Often I find the blessing in various forms of love.  Here is a love song that speaks to the role of love in life’s journey:

Songs such as this one help me feel less alone in my emotions, my experiences.  Together with hands to physically hold mine from time to time, to ears that listen to my joys as well as sorrows & fears, I am eternally grateful.