How to make time for life…

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Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr

A big part of creating quality in my life is controlling how I spend my time.  When I make time for the things that are most important the focus of my days, life has greater pleasure. For me, these important items include: myself, my family, my spiritual life, my work. In the process I have to allow for not being perfect, misjudging length of time required to complete a task, and a need for limits.  Here are a few tools I use to keep focused.

Calendar – Whether it is a daytime or iCal, a calendar let’s me know my schedule.  I try to include the important other tasks of the day such as setting aside time to for household chores, calls to place, just to name a few. Doing this allows me to focus on all areas of my life.  It also let’s me see how much I have accomplished in a day as I mark the items completed.  The few minutes I spend organizing a day’s calendar are well worth my time.

Schedule time for yourself – Part of that calendar is time for me.  Working out, mediation, time to read are a few things I do for me.  By caring for myself, I am better able to care for my family and my clients.  Here is a wonderful post of Dating Yourself.

List of three – A years ago, I came across the idea of having only three items on the to do list.  For me, that excludes scheduled sessions or concerts, games or other family events.  By limiting the list, I can focus down.  Then if time allows, I can work on other items.  It helps keep me from feeling overwhelmed.  Another approach is to limit your day’s to do’s to a post it note.

Limit the time on tasks – With many things, setting a timer is very helpful.  From blogs like The Fly Lady, I have learned to allot small chunks of 15 minutes to most household tasks.  For other things like practicing or being on-line, the timer keeps me from losing track of time.

Less is more – I tend to be a person who holds onto things “just in case” I need them in the future.  I am finding that letting go of objects and papers means less to clean, organize, file, etc.  It allows me more freedom.  Also, when I have less it is easier to find what I am looking for.  In the mean time, my released objects can be used by others or recycled into other products.

These are just a few of the ways I make time for living.  I invite you to share your favorites in the comment section.  Until next time, may you enjoy the blessings of your life.