Oasis of calm

Huacachina Oasis
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Our lives can be very fast paced.  We are often multi-tasking.  We may be online, on the phone, in a rush.  It is an important to our health to find a few minutes and a few ways to slow down.  Doing so allows use to recharge.

One way to slow down is to take a few minutes to sit down and actively listen to a piece of music, not analyzing it or evaluating it, just appreciating it.  It provides a few minutes of being in the moment.

Meditation is another useful tool.  There are many forms/methods for meditating.  Do some exploring and find one that works for you.  One source to try may be “My Thought Coach – by Stin Hansen” – a podcast you can download through iTunes or from the website.

An area not often considered is your home environment.  A few months ago I learned about “The Slow Home Project”.  It has given me much to think about and process.   Recently, they posted a video on their website just that’s just a little over a minute in length.  In it, they discuss the importance of our homes being an oasis.  I encourage you to watch it.

So, how and where do you create your moments, you oasis of calm?  Please share them below.  My next post will be my thoughts on creating balance in life.  Until then, I wish you peace and a moment of calm.


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