There is a season…

Four Seasons - Longbridge Road
Image by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens.”

– Ecclesiastes 3:1

Cooler weather has arrived where I live.  Last night, I could smell the burning wood from fireplaces when I stepped outside.  Yet, more than the weather has changed.

  • The first nine weeks have ended for the school district.
  • Marching season has ended for my daughter while concert season is just beginning.
  • We are about to experience a time change – falling back an hour.
  • Monday there was a celebration of life for a friend who had died.
  • An acquaintance delivered a healthy baby girl.

These thoughts (and many more) bring to mind a list of reflective questions:

  • How do you mark the passing of time?
  • Does the music in which you surround yourself, change with the seasons?
  • How do you reflect life events with your music?
  • Is it important for music to reflect the time, season, and situations of your life?
  • How do these things affect music I select for use in sessions?

For me, there is meaning and purpose to the music I select for my own use and for use with clients.  I have strong emotional ties to certain pieces of music and may even connect a song with certain people or groups.  I have songs that remind me of my hopes and dreams for myself and others.  Clients request a song often sharing the story of why it is important to them.   The music becomes a reflection of past, present, emotions, desires…it is never stagnate, ebbing and flowing in form across sessions.  Music happens in time.  It may mark an event, an era, a generation.  Music expresses both what we can put into words and what we are at a loss to say.  It is as if to say: “To everything there is a song, and a song for every purpose under heaven.”

It is my prayer music serves a purpose in your life, reflecting who you are, your dreams and your desires.