Go on creating
Image by fotologic via Flickr


Creating – bringing something into existence or being; to produce something.

Who creates?  Why do they create? How do they create?  Where do they create? When do they create?  How do I  begin the process?  Is there an easy way?  What process should I use?…

Asking people to creating often elicits these questions and more.  Yet we are all creative beings.  Watch young children at play.  See how they pretend, how they problem solve, how they use objects in unique ways.

What, you aren’t a child?  You’re afraid of being seen as childish?  Here is a wonderfully simple way to create with  sound.  You can plug-in the headphones so others can’t hear.   My one word of caution is  waiting until you are off work for your creative moment.Check out this site that allows you create using a collection of YouTube videos.  I’m impressed by how intuitive it is, how relaxing it is, how freeing it is…

Now, go on creating!