...Pause? (247/366; 09/03/08)
Image by ismh_ via Flickr

Pause.  Take a moment, this moment to be still.  Breathe fully & deeply.  Sense the air as it fills your lungs. Feel it as you exhale.  Be aware of your body and how it feels – good & bad.  Do you need to change positions, take a moment to drink some water or go to the bathroom?   Do you need to stretch?  Take this moment just for yourself.

In the midst of blogging about fear, of my scheduled activities, of my to do list,… I give myself permission to pause and breathe.  When possible, I play some music to create a pleasing atmosphere.

One such selection is a recent musical find: “Three Worlds” by John de Kadt on Eight. While not a slow, relaxing song, I find the rhythm draws me in. I find space to slow down, to be in the moment. Consider finding a piece of music that allows you a few minutes of “being”.

One final breathe…I open my eyes a return to play/work.  I look forward to that next pause.