A Goal to Learn

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During this past Friday’s high school football game, I had the pleasure of catching up with M, an acquaintance of the past eight years.  One of topics of conversation was what to do with our time when our children completed high school  M shared her desire to finally learn to play the piano.

Pursuing our dreams enriches our lives.  Learning something new is good for out brains. In fact, I’m excited M has a goal that will bring many benefits to her!  In a recent Psychology Today Blog post, Kimberly Sena Moore (MM, NMT-F, MT-BC) states learning music “can:

  • improve your fine motor control and dexterity
  • increase your gross motor range-of-motion and strength
  • challenge (and improve) your working memory capabilities
  • increase the number of opportunities for social involvement (e.g. church choir, community ensembles)
  • keep your auditory processing (and your “ears”) sharp
  • increase your cardiovascular health (if playing a wind instrument)”

Look at all these amazing benefits!

For M a big concern is her current inability to read music notation. Music notation is a language of its own.  Yet, it can be mastered.  I promised her I would help find so online resources for learning to read music she could use over the next couple years so she would feel less overwhelmed at her first piano lesson.  So, this is for all the M’s out there – a few of the many online forums for learning to read music notation:


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