Music Connections – Moving forward

The last several weeks I have shared my thoughts on connecting through music.  We looked at:

  1. Receptive (listening & responding)
  2. Re-creative (performing pre-composed music)
  3. Composing (creating a musical product such as songs, lyrics, music videos as well as improvisations)
  4. Learning (gaining knowledge about or related to music)

Having tried the various challenges I presented, I hope you  discovered at least one new way to connect with music.  For those in the Hays, Kansas area who are age 50 and over, I encourage you to consider joining in my offering of “Music Connections” at 10:30AM Thursday, October 7th. This FREE session will be held as part of Trinity Lutheran‘s Senior Circle. As it includes a free meal, reservations are required and can be made by calling 785-625-2044 before noon Friday, October 1st or by enrolling through the Hays Recreation Commision.

I leave you with these lyrics as inspiration:

Everything is Music
lyrics adapted from Rumi, “Where Everything Is Music”; by Kris Delmhorst

We’ve come to the place where everything is music
Everything is music, let it play.

Why do you stay in jail when the door is wide open?
Let the beauty that you love be what you do.

Stop talking now, open up the window
The one right there in the middle of your heart
Give us your hands, sit down in this circle
You know you got no need to keep yourself apart

Today you wake up sad and empty, don’t go back to sleep.
There’s a million ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

Don’t worry now, about saving all these songs,
There’s so many more just waiting to be found.
And if all these instruments should disappear
We would still hear something coming up from way down in the ground

Because we’ve come to the place where everything is music
Everything is music, let it play.