Music Connections: Re-creative Music (Active Music Making and Wellness (via ))

In my last two post I discussed Receptive Music.  This post takes on Re-creative Music learning and performs pre-composed vocal or instrumental music or reproduces any kind of existing music. This can happen alone or within a group.

Alone it may be singing in the car or shower, playing an instrument, toning or chanting.  Group settings can be found in many places or worship and within the community.  Consider choirs, community bands, orchestras, drum circles, Taize’ services, a sing-a-long at a community center,… to name a few.  For some people this is easy while for others it can be rather challenging.   I encourage this music connection as activity music making can contribute to wellness.  How? Check out this article:

By Carl T. Bruhn and Dr. Alicia Ann Claire Active music making and its role in wellness is receiving much attention around the country. So why all the interest? First of all, people are demanding more than the absence of disease to be well. They also want reduced illness risk, managed stress, better energy, daily enjoyment, personal development, satisfying relationships, and feelings of belonging. Second, active music making provides the opportun … Read More

So, try some Re-creative Music Making this week and share your experiences in the comment section.  Be watching for the next entry: Music Connections: Composing!