Music Connections: Receptive Listening, Part 2

In my last entry I identified the four ways we can connect with music:

  1. Receptive (listening & responding)
  2. Re-creative (performing pre-composed music)
  3. Composing (creating a musical product such as songs, lyrics, music videos as well as improvisations)
  4. Learning (gaining knowledge about or related to music)

Having been made aware of some of the many places we encounter music, you were given a task of observing responses to such music.  Today’s entry will build upon this to encourage you to select music to accompany your life with purpose.  Let’s create a playlist for a regular activity in which you engage.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Identify a time you could use a music playlist.  For example, when you clean house, workout, relax, while driving.
  2. Think of how you would like to feel while doing this activity.
  3. Identify some music that has the pace and feel you are needing for this activity.
  4. Put together this play list, try it out.  You may find you need to tweak it a little or change it over time.

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Be watching for the next entry entitled: Music Connections: Re-creative Music.