Create a relaxation playlist

When considering music for relaxation, realize that which creates relaxation is a personal matter.  However, there are some guiding principles.

  1. The tempo of the music is often 50-80 beats per minute.  It can also be music with no specific rhythm.
  2. The melody is generally smooth with dynamics being fairly stable and ranges being limited.
  3. It is music that creates for you a decreased feeling of anxiety or agitation.
  4. It is music you find elicits a calming effect on your emotions.

There are also different purposes for relaxation, which may affect your music selections.  At times, I want the music to help me fall asleep.  There are times I want the music to assist me in slowing down.  Repeated use of the same music also helps me more quickly reach my desired state.

So here is a portion of my relaxation playlist:

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May you find relaxation, joy and peace in your life.